pbpm Yacht Club @ Лодки, 24 Август (Събота)


Тази събота (24 Август) отново акустираме на Лодки в Борисова Градина за питиета и качествена музика.

porno BPM яхтения клуб отваря в 18:00 с Африкандро, който както обикновено ще покаже широките си музикални интереси в уърлд и афро музиката. Нататък продължаваме с пълна порно програма в лицето на KiNK, KEi, SuB и Zenk.

Ще имаме 4kW саунд система и други изненади...

Facebook събитието е тук https://www.facebook.com/events/410241222414727/


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Christmas Gift – Happy Holidays From porno BPM Crew!

kink session

Christmas is upon us we have something special for you!

KiNK recently recorded another wicked live sessions using only analogue gear  (watch it here )
The kit this time includes the classic Roland Space Echo RE-201, Mackie 802-VLZ3 (mixer), FMR RNLA (compressor) Revox A77 (tape recording, saturation), MFB Synth II (stabs) MFB 522 (drums).

We are now happy to share the edited version of it for free download!

KiNK Session - Borrowed Dub (Edit)

Download here (Right/Command Click – Save As)

Happy Holidays from pbpm crew!


pbpm podcast 005 – KiNK

pbpm podcast 005 mixed by KiNK

pbpm podcast 005, mixed by KiNK

Download here (Right/Command Click – Save As)


intro: Linkwood and house of traps - barely eagle (Firecracker)

01 Blue Magic - Welcome To The Club (Ron Hardy re-edit) (Partehardy)

02 Art Of Tones - The World As I Live It (Room with a view)

03 DJ Sneak - Feel Your Body Talking (Plumb Music)

04 Tom Trago - Over And Edit (Rush Hour)

05 Franck Roger - Yeah (breakers beat) (Real Tone)

06 Jakob Corn - Supakrank (Basic Soul Unit Remix) (Dolly)

07 Lovebirds - My Man (KiNK mix) (Freerange)

08 Anthony "Shake" Shakir - Breathe Deeper (Frictional)

09 F - Energy Distortion (UNTOLD Remix) (7even)

10 Jeff Mills - b2 Untitled (Something in The Sky)

11 System 7 - Interstate (Exploding Plastic Main Line) (Butterfly)

12 Paul Du Lac - Blowback (Clone Jack For Daze Series)

13 Ross 154 - Mayflower (Eevo Lute Muzique)

14 Conforce - Robotic Arm Wrestle (Meanwhile)

15 Electroids - Midnight Drive (Warp)

16 Voodoo Child - m-four (R & S)

KiNK – Taped In 2009

  1. KiNK - Bitter Sweet (LiebeDetail)
  2. Luvlux - Waterpark (KiNK Daylight Dub) (Kolour)
  3. Untitled - Music Is The Answer (Gipsy Kinks mix) (Ups)
  4. KiNK - Leko (Burek)
  5. KiNK - Psyche Funk (Undertones)
  6. Untitled - Untitled (KiNK mix) (CDR)
  7. KiNK - Dont Hold Back (.dotbleep)
  8. KiNK - Trevoga (Undertones)
  9. KiNK - Yako (Burek)
  10. Patrick Cowley and Jorge Socarras - Soon (KiNK mix) (Macro)
  11. Blubalu - Pure Love (KiNK dub) (CDR)
  12. Matthias Meyer - Tout Va Bien (KiNK mix) (LiebeDetail)
  13. Hercules and Love Affair - I cant wait (KiNK mix) (Mr. Intl.)
  14. Caustic Window - Joyrex j4 (KiNK interpretation) (CDR)
    Download Here
    Alternative SoundCloud link here: KiNK - Taped in 2009

pbpm podcast 002 – KiNK & KEi

pbpm-podcast-002Here we go again!
A brand new edition of our podcast in two parts - 2 live mixes  from yours truly KEi and KiNK to warm you up for our next event at Funkiss on 14 Feb.

Expect some deeper and darker sounds mixed with the usual funk and rawness...enjoy and give us your feedback!

Download Podcast 002 - Pt.1 - KEi
Download Podcast 002 - Pt.2 - KiNK