Links for an Afternoon Class in History of Music

I decided to share some audio-related goodies from around the web

The Tone Generation

Over 10 programmes, artist/musician Ian Helliwell delves into his archive to look at the development of electronic music right across the world in the classic era of analogue technology. Starting in Europe and finishing up in the Southern Hemisphere, he will be playing vintage tracks from celebrated and overlooked composers from each country.

Then moving onto some more mainstream part of electronic music and sound design:

An interview with Ben Burtt.

He’s the man that made millions of children scared of Darth Vader.
He gave Indiana Jones a little extra pop when he punched someone. He’s also the one that made all of George Lucas’ CGI worlds in the Star Wars prequels have any life. And this year he made audiences around the world fall in love with a CG robot named Wall-e.

See it here:

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