porno BPM @ Club Funkiss (NDK) this Saturday (14 Feb)!

porno bpm at club funkiss, sofia - 14 feb 2009For the love of real house music and quirky basslines, acid lines and all tough beats, big beats, small  beats, funky beats we will spread love this Saturday (14 Feb) at our new party spot - Club Funkiss (located on the eastern side of NDK - National Palace of Culture, 2nd floor).

So come join us in this celebration of music, love and generally - the abuse of alcohol with yours truelly:


Enter: 5 BGN
Starting: 11pm

The event on Facebook is here.

KiNK @ Josh Wink’s BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix

kink_rushAnother KiNK found its way to the Essential Mix.
This week Josh Wink played KiNK & Neville ‘Blueprint’ track, part of the "Full Flight" collaboration vinyl with his friend Neville Watson on Rush Hour's sublabel "Hour House Is Your Rush".
you can hear the whole set here:
Listen carefully at 30.30min

So far the tune found support from guys like Ken Ishii, Joakim, Domu, Djinxx, Alex Kid, Joel Mull...

 Go go go KiNK!!!

You can get it here :

porno BPM presents The Bulgarian

the bulgarian 18 oct, lifehouse
the bulgarian 18 oct, lifehouse

So listen up!
For this month's party (18 Oct/Saturday @ Club Lifehouse) we have a special guest - it's no other than the man called "The Bulgarian".
How about that?! This guy represents the tribe of producers with Bulgarian roots that's been pushing the dance culture forward in the past couple of years. Here is a snippet from his bio:

A long time studio veteran with many aliases and projects under his belt, The Bulgarian, first blasted onto the scene in December of 2006 with his much acclaimed Loop Poop EP as one of the pioneers of the then still emerging Fidget House sound. He since spent most of 2007 blowing up all over the world producing over 20 tracks and remixes in that short space of time and still managing to do well under his Techno/Electro guise as Mr.Elastik. 2008 Seems to be carrying on with that momentum, with some big name remixes and releases (such as Larry Tee's next single "I love u" and an official remix of Human Resources' 1991 Classic "Dominator") on the way and the birth of Feta Recordings, his collaborative effort with long time breakbeat veteran Vlad Sokolov.

But rather than talking about it check this mix out:
[audio: bulgarian exclusive nllr mix.mp3]
Download here:

To sum it up:

18 Oct/Saturday @ Club Lifehouse
Special guest: The Bulgarian
+ KEi, SuB, Zenk
Entr. : 8 BGN
Start: 11pm

23:00- KEi
01:00- The Bulgarian
03:00- Zenk
04:00- SuB

also check these links:

If you a facebook member you can also sign up here: event is here: