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From the year 1968 comes Terry Riley's trippy 20 minute re-arrangement of The Harvey Averne Dozen's "You're No Good".
Two reel to reel tape machines twisting in and out of sync amongst passages of heavy proto-synth oscillation, ring modulation, tape delay and echo.

Christmas Gift – Happy Holidays From porno BPM Crew!

kink session

Christmas is upon us we have something special for you!

KiNK recently recorded another wicked live sessions using only analogue gear  (watch it here )
The kit this time includes the classic Roland Space Echo RE-201, Mackie 802-VLZ3 (mixer), FMR RNLA (compressor) Revox A77 (tape recording, saturation), MFB Synth II (stabs) MFB 522 (drums).

We are now happy to share the edited version of it for free download!

KiNK Session - Borrowed Dub (Edit)

Download here (Right/Command Click – Save As)

Happy Holidays from pbpm crew!