KiNK – Taped In 2009

  1. KiNK – Bitter Sweet (LiebeDetail)
  2. Luvlux – Waterpark (KiNK Daylight Dub) (Kolour)
  3. Untitled – Music Is The Answer (Gipsy Kinks mix) (Ups)
  4. KiNK – Leko (Burek)
  5. KiNK – Psyche Funk (Undertones)
  6. Untitled – Untitled (KiNK mix) (CDR)
  7. KiNK – Dont Hold Back (.dotbleep)
  8. KiNK – Trevoga (Undertones)
  9. KiNK – Yako (Burek)
  10. Patrick Cowley and Jorge Socarras – Soon (KiNK mix) (Macro)
  11. Blubalu – Pure Love (KiNK dub) (CDR)
  12. Matthias Meyer – Tout Va Bien (KiNK mix) (LiebeDetail)
  13. Hercules and Love Affair – I cant wait (KiNK mix) (Mr. Intl.)
  14. Caustic Window – Joyrex j4 (KiNK interpretation) (CDR)
    Download Here
    Alternative SoundCloud link here: KiNK – Taped in 2009

6 thoughts on “KiNK – Taped In 2009

  1. I actually managed to download it successfully and as I'm listening to it for the second time all I can say is - brilliant.

  2. This mix is too much! Has this genuine, raw feel to it and a massive groove to dance to - how true house music should be. You, sir, are a legend! Keep it up, cheers.

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