During 6 years playing on guitar in his own metal and punk projects Valeri Sholevski (born in Sofia, Bulgaria – 1981) started to travel deep into the electronic sound and techno logies…

In 2000 under  the name Invitro and Under Construction he produced a lot of break beat, idm, funk tunes using sounds from oldskul classical records.

In 2001 he joined the organization “Art Place”, (organization which unites underground electronic art and culture. Then he had made the first step on the scene b2b with Dj Hydrashock from Digital Nightmares DNB organization. His production became unique with the drum and bass sound which he promotes under the name Ogonek. The same year with a group of young music producers and engineers with an unique creative expertise in music and technology he created a label, audio production and promoting agency found in 2001 in Sofia under the Porno BPM.

In 2002 came out the 1st Porno BPM (pbpm.net) promo CD with author tracks including the tunes Ogonek (Valeri Sholevski born in 1981) – “Wien02”, “Chicken Heads [FF ver.]”

Then he met COOH (Ivan Shopov) and together they started to play in a deep basement clubs performing their music almost like jam sessions with a lot of live muscians.In those days they were plaiyng live with the bands Ambient Anarchist [BG] and the band now known as Oditory Ossicles. Consequently Ogonek & Cooh put out tagarage bootlegs: ogonek & cooh – “Fem’02”- Bootleg CD (2002) ogonek & cooh – “Sick of Amen” – Bootleg CD (2002) ogonek & cooh – “Beauty” – Bootleg CD (2002) ogonek & cooh – “Drum And Bass Massacre” – Bootleg CD (2003) ogonek & cooh – “After Coma” – Bootleg CD (2003)

This made them popular outside Bulgaria and Ogonek had been involved in the compilation “SKR001CD Various Artists – Eastern Sound Architects vol. 1: East-European Drum’n’Bass” released by SoundKraft Recordings – Romania with the tune : Ogonek – We’v Lost (SoundKraft Rec). Later he played in one of the most famous club – Fleda in Chechz Republic. Also in France and Romania…

In 2005 the label Porno BPM(Bulgaria) released the two versions of the track “Dancing In The Rain” made it by Ogonek & Cooh feat. Megi: Ogonek & Cooh – Dancing In The Rain (Version 1) Featuring – Megi / Dancing In The Rain (Version 2) Featuring – Megi (pbpm.Net Records ) (pbpm_breaked001)

The same year the HMSU Drum And Bass organization (Bulgaria)(www.hmsu.org – Bulgaria) put out a promo – compilation with Bulgarian author tracks by Digital Soul (BG) , Kigami (BG) , Kink (BG) as well as Ogonek, Cooh: ogonek – Mashinite (The Machines) ogonek – Sleep And Listen In (in the dark)

Ogonek intensively entered the sphere of video montage and visualizations as in the middle of 2005 he produced the 1st video clip of OIC – “Let the music play” . By being put for free download the video gained popularity and success in the drum and bass society. At the end of 2005 OIC released the video of “Scared Of Dark” tune, vocally performed by the vocalist of the Neo Metal group Kuln.

In 28 of mach – 2008 HMSU.net put out [HMSU0001] release with Cooh-Kit, Ogonek-Hemlut Vanshnela, Mocks-Dumnica, Digital Soul-Tech Monks, Kigami-One Piece

In 13 April 2008 – HMSU.net label released [HMSU0002] Tracks by: Cooh and Ogonek – 01. Cooh – Green Tong, 02. Ogonek – Sugar Sick (Bolnata Zaharnica)

In 13 August 2008 – HMSU.net label released Ogonek – Sila EP [HMSU0004]…

In November 2008 he owned METAFIZIQ recordings, a dnb label with unhuman power, starting

with names like DUB ELEMENTS . KIGAMI, DB, MAD TWIST, CTRLJ on board…

Most of the ppl saying that the forthcoming¬† debute METAFIZIQ EP – “Missing Particle” will

break directly the physics theoryes about the universe….

event supported djs and artists by Ogonek :

Transglobal Underground; Jimi Tenor; East Sound Architectures (Bucharest – Romania), Subject13 and 1stDigital Wave; Hoodlum [UK]; Spree; JFB; Deekline & Dona Dee; Ed Solo; Ragga Twins; Dom&Roland; Goldie [UK] ; Dj Zen; TeeBee; Twisted Individual & Mc Biggie; DJ Vadim, Yarah Bravo, BLU RUM 13, Bongo Pete; Noizia; Psychofreud; The Sect, Dieselboy [USA], Bad Company [UK], Technical Itch [UK], Evol Intent [USA], Current Value [GER], Prode [RUS], Dylan [UK], Audio [UK], Panacea [GER], Raiden [EST], Gridlok [USA], LTJ Bukem [UK] & MC Conrad [UK] , Adam F [UK], Shy FX [UK], Bryan Gee & Mc Darrison [UK], Dillinja [UK], EZ Rollerz [UK], Dj Hazard [UK], Ray Keith [UK], Dj SS [UK], Future Prophecies [NOR], Zen [UK], Robyn Chaos [UK], Spor [UK], Pendulum [UK], Killa Kella [UK], Mc Skibadee [UK], Mc Shabba D [UK], MC 2SHY [UK], MC Tali [UK], Psychofreud [NOR] & Jamalski, Aaron Spectre [USA], Outrage [UK], Fanu [FIN], Nero [UK], Mutatet Forms [EST], Deadbeat [CAN], Theodosii Spassov [BG], Stoyan Yankoulov Quintette [BG], VIARA [BG], DarkoStepic [MK], Adam Strang [Noise Camp, AUT], Gvozd [RUS], DarkEast [RO], DB [FR] …

Mix available here:

Ogonek – Bloody Machines Punk Opera (LIVE PROMO MIX)